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Meeting Name: Committee on Health Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 4/27/2017 10:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Council Chambers - City Hall
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Int 0139-2014 *Vincent J. GentileProposed Int. No. 139-BRegulation of non-tobacco smoking products, and to amend the NYC fire code and the NYC mechanical code, in relation to the operation of non-tobacco smoking establishments.IntroductionThis bill would add non-tobacco shisha to the City’s Smoke-Free Air Act. It would allow existing non-tobacco bars, commonly known as hookah bars, that derive the majority of their income from non-tobacco shisha and paraphernalia to continue operating as long as they register and meet certain standards. It would require these establishments to meet certain Fire Code and Mechanical Code requirements.   Not available Not available
Int 0484-2014 *James Vacca Banning smoking in the common areas of all multiple dwellings.Introduction    Not available Not available
Int 0977-2015 *Donovan J. Richards Banning smoking in city-financed housing.IntroductionThis bill would ban smoking in multiple dwellings that are part of an affordable housing program and that receive financial assistance from the city.   Not available Not available
Int 1131-2016 *Brad S. LanderProposed Int. No. 1131-ASale of tobacco products in pharmacies.IntroductionThis bill would prohibit pharmacies, or retail stores that contain pharmacies, from selling cigarettes. If other products were brought under the cigarette retail dealer license requirement, such as other tobacco products, this bill would prohibit those products from being sold by pharmacies as well.   Not available Not available
Int 1140-2016 *Fernando Cabrera  Prohibiting smoking and using electronic cigarettes in vehicles when a child under the age of eight is present.IntroductionCurrently under the New York City Smoke Free Air Act, private automobiles are not subject to the prohibitions found in the Act and individuals may smoke in their vehicles. This bill would amend the Smoke Free Air Act to prohibit any driver or passenger in a vehicle from smoking or using electronic cigarettes when a child under the age of eight is present.   Not available Not available
Int 1471-2017 *Corey D. Johnson Increasing the retail cigarette dealer license fee.IntroductionThis bill would raise the biennial fee for a Cigarette Retail Dealer License from $110 to $340. This license is required to sell cigarettes directly to consumers.   Not available Not available
Int 1532-2017 *Fernando Cabrera  Licensing of electronic cigarette retail dealers.IntroductionThis bill would require a license to sell electronic cigarettes, similar to the license that is currently required to sell cigarettes.   Not available Not available
Int 1544-2017 *Corey D. JohnsonProposed Int. No. 1544-ARegulation of retail dealers of tobacco products and of electronic cigarettes, the establishment of price floors and minimum package sizes for tobacco products and shisha, and the establishment of a tax on tobacco products other than cigarettes.IntroductionThis bill would establish or increase the price floor for packages of cigarettes, tobacco products, and non-tobacco shisha. The cigarette package price would rise from $10.50 to $13 per package, while smokeless tobacco and shisha packages would be set at $8 and $17, respectively. The cigar price floor would be calculated at a rate of $2 per cigar in a package, with a minimum of $8 per package. It would also tax cigars, little cigars, smokeless tobacco, tobacco-containing shisha, and loose tobacco at a rate of 10% of the minimum price, with proceeds going to fund public housing. Retail dealers of cigarettes and e-cigarettes would also be prohibited from delivering cigarettes, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes to consumers under this bill.   Not available Not available
Int 1547-2017 *Brad S. Lander Expanding the retail dealer license to include retailers of tobacco products and setting caps on retail dealer licenses.IntroductionThis bill expands the current requirement to possess a retail dealer license to sell cigarettes to include all retailers that sell any type of tobacco products. The bill will also restrict the availability of new retail dealer licenses by setting caps in community districts, thereby decreasing the number of licenses available over time through attrition. The community district caps will not affect existing licensees who may continue to renew their licenses.   Not available Not available
Int 1585-2017 *Ritchie J. Torres Disclosure of smoking policies for class A multiple dwellings.IntroductionThis bill would require rental apartment buildings, as well as co-op and condo buildings, to create a smoking policy for the building. It would not dictate the contents of this policy. This policy would be required to be provided annually to tenants, and incorporated into leases and purchase agreements.   Not available Not available